When we talk about mental health, we’re really talking about our emotional health, cognitive health and the quality of our relationships. To be mentally healthy is not only being able to take care of ourselves, but the capacity to help others who depend on us. In other words, mental health is essential to a happy and successful life, family, and community.

Before we can become advocates for those struggling with mental health, we must learn to advocate for ourselves. That means tackling our own struggles with a sense of self-love and self-awareness.

What Is A Mental Health Advocate?

Mental Health Advocates are courageous individuals who are willing to open up, show vulnerability and share their personal struggles in order to help those who are struggling themselves.

Mental health advocates remind us that we are not alone. They remind us that even though the road to healing may be long, it’s a shared journey. Most of all, they work tirelessly to shatter the stigma of mental illnesses.

My Decision to become a Mental Health Advocate?

The catalyst that led me to become a Mental Health Advocate was learning that over 1 in 4 young adults have seriously contemplated suicide during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Given my personal struggle, I’ve decided to step forward into this position of vulnerability, to take on all negative stigma and inspire others to fight for a better tomorrow.

You are not alone in this. You are not defective. You are loved… made uniquely in the image of God. Although the fog can feel thick, impeding your view, you must know that you have a beautiful purpose in this world.

It is NOT WEAK to admit that you are struggling. In fact, it’s just the opposite – I believe you show tremendous courage when you take this monumental step toward your personal growth.

Be true to yourself, love yourself, and never stop striving to become the strongest version of yourself.