Food system end to end is 50% of pollution and climate destruction where fossil fuels are 33% – Dr. Mark Hyman

Regenerative agriculture provides a win/win scenario:

  • Environment: Decreases emissions throughout the entire agriculture and food cycle.
  • Nutrition: Improves the nutritional QUALITY of our food for our overall health benefit.
  • Education: Current junk food system threatens lives of children, causing cognitive impairment and worsening learning disabilities.
  • Economy: Provides more agriculture and meat processing jobs near localities.
  • Healthcare: Work towards reducing the $1.3 Trillion annual to the medicare budget, as 80% of chronic health and disease is caused by our poor food system. Medicare is currently 1/3 and soon to be ½ of federal budget. Higher quality food leads to higher quality health, resulting in fewer medicare dollars needed. That funding can then be reallocated to increase the salaries of our teachers.