I pledge to do the following:

  1. I will NEVER vote myself a pay raise while in congress. I will also pledge a commitment to decrease my pay during a recession by the average percentage decrease in pay for Maryland District 6 and will donate that portion of my salary
  2. I will defer 100% of my salary during government mandated shut downs over budget negotiations or pandemic like scenarios where government officials mandate businesses to close their doors and block your family’s income
  3. I will not accept a healthcare plan of higher quality than the American people have available to them by their employers
  4. I will not accept a pension, paid for by the tax payers because I assumed this position of great power and control. I will decline to accept or donate my entire pension, while responsibly managing my income in order to prevent any further financial tax burden on the people of this great nation. That money should stay in our communities, in the pockets of the American people
  5. No more insider trading – I will place my financial market investments into a blind trust to prevent buying/selling of funds or stocks until I leave office.
  6. One Subject One Bill – Please hold me & congress directly accountable for each separate policy vote.
  7. Term Limits – I will commit myself to an 8-year max limit of serving in Congress, regardless of term limits legislation getting passed. Currently, Congressional officials can continue to get elected and serve for life. If politicians don’t have confidence in their ability to create a business or establish a career in the free market, to live under the laws & regulations they created, then why should we trust them to run our lives for decades on end from a position of nobility in government?
  8. Fight for a level playing field– How do so many congressional officials become multi-millionaires by serving in government? Only when congressional millionaires are on a level playing field with the rest of us in terms of healthcare, insider trading, term limits, performance-based pay, retirement, and social security, will they have enough incentive to negotiate the long-awaited policy changes for the American people.
Jason Herrick for Congress