Jason Herrick and family

Jason Herrick, Maryland Congressional District 6 Write-In Candidate 2020

We can start a movement.

We can be the ripple that heals our nation.

We’ve all had to overcome adversity in our personal lives. Most have had to navigate the path from trauma to healing.  As an educator, mentor, and professional athlete, I’ve used my own experience in personal healing and growth to help others. I’m ready to do the same for all who live in Maryland’s 6th congressional district. Let’s be the ripple to heal the nation.

– Jason Herrick

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All of Jason Herrick’s policies are backed by his central thesis – strong families create strong nations.  Let’s provide families with more power and flexibility to make the critical life decisions that best serve your children and loved ones.

Mental Health Advocate

Mental Health Advocate

For months the country has been distancing from others, working from home, and avoiding social interaction. As we emerge from this unprecedented chapter, we must place mental health awareness at the forefront of our mission.
Children in a classroom, computer lab


Let’s forge a society that holds education and educators in the highest esteem. After all, our ability to meet the challenges of the future will ultimately depend on how and what we’ve taught our kids.

Jason Herrick for Congress Maryland District 6

Community Connection

Engaged individuals make strong communities. I believe that it’s more important than ever for citizens, representatives, and law enforcement officials to engage with their communities in safe and constructive ways.
Regenerative Agriculture

Environment and Agriculture

Let’s take common-sense steps toward decreasing CO2 emissions, improving the quality of our food, and facilitating job creation in localized agriculture and food processing.
Jason Herrick's Personalized Healthcare platform

Personalized Healthcare

As a father, Jason Herrick is motivated to deliver a better array of healthcare options to Maryland families with price transparency and control.

Jason Herrick for Congress